School District of Philadelphia (SDP)

EAT.RIGHT.NOW. provides nutrition outreach programs and services to Tracks eligible students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents in the School District of Philadelphia. Nutrition education is delivered in approximately 276 school sites, during and after school hours, using a variety of strategies. Services offered include, but are not limited to, nutrition education in the classroom, lesson plans for teachers, after-school programs, health fairs, assemblies, Home & School meetings, school-based Farmers’ Markets, newsletters, healthier school environment initiatives and parent/guardian cooking classes.

All EAT.RIGHT.NOW. programs and services meet objectives established by Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Tracks and comply with Pennsylvania Academic Standards.


Jane "Muffin" Friedman

Director, Nutrition Education Programs & Eat.Right.Now.

Catharine Annex, Room 206

6900 Greenway Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19142

Phone: 215-727-5765
Fax: 215-727-2022