Health Promotion Council of Southeastern PA, Inc. (HPC)
“Nutrition for Life”

HPC is a non-profit public health agency conducting community-based programs that encourage positive health behaviors. HPC’s Nutrition for Life program targets SNAP-eligible audiences with limited access to health education, and uses innovative approaches to working with vulnerable populations in order to advance the field of health promotion. HPC's SNAP-Ed programming (in English and Spanish) targets low-income families receiving care at city health centers, adults and families living in shelters and transitional living sites, mentally ill populations in community living arrangements, pantry participants, low-income shoppers at qualifying grocery stores, and seniors. HPC also reaches children in the School District of Philadelphia through the Eat.Right.Now. program, and in Philadelphia parochial schools through Nutrition for Life. Special features of HPC's programming include delivering SNAP-Ed in a culturally- and linguistically-sensitive manner and using low-literacy educational methods in English and Spanish.

Lauren Nocito

Director of Nutrition and Wellness Services
Centre Square East

1500 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 215-895-2669
Fax: 215-731-6199